dinsdag 26 mei 2009

Visiting the Royal and Grand Palace in Bangkok

Grand Palace is a must see for tourists planning Bangkok tour this year. Grand Palace, Bangkok was built in 1783. The approximate area occupied by the Grand Palace is about 218,400 sq meter. The palace is surrounded by walls.

Tourists once in the Grand Palace, Bangkok will love to see the Chapel Royal of Emerald Buddha built inside the complex. There are other governmental offices and residences of royal families are located here. This palace of Bangkok was built by the then ruler Rama I. The ruler shifted his administrative center once he became the ruler of the land.

Rama I took initiatives to build many monasteries, forts and monuments, he moved to build a palace. Rama I built this palace so that it can house his offices besides being his residential quarter. Later this architectural splendor was called Grand Palace.

Grand Palace, Bangkok has become a favorite tourist destination. They can have a great Grand Palace View from a distance. Functions and ceremonies are held in this palace. The palace is not anymore used by the royal families in Bangkok. There is a reception room inside the Grand Palace. Tourists can visit this hall. It is very spacious and is built in European style.

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