vrijdag 22 mei 2009

Table Mountain, Kaapstad, South Africa

Table Mountain is Cape Town's most famous landmark and one of the city's greatest attractions and the reason for its popularuty can be understood by seeing the above table mountain picture . There are over 100 scenic ways to climb Table Mountain , which stands at 1086 metres above sea level, but most people take the revolving cable car which whisks you to the top in a just a few minutes. The views in all directions are magnificent and the feeling of being on top of the world is what makes this such a popular destination and this Table Mountain is named so because it is a flat topped mountain with the first person who reach Table Mountain cape town was Antonio de Saldanha in 1503.

The mountain is sculpted from sandstone and it elevation 1086 metres above the bay which you can also see in the table mountain picture . Its flat summit measures nearly 3km from end to end. The Table Mountain cape town is home to approximately 1470 species of plants. Included is the rare silver Tree and the wild orchid Disa Uniflora.

The Cableway was opened in 1929 and provides safe access to Table Mountain cape town even more interesting. It is not advisable to climb the mountain without someone experienced who knows the route well. There are some 350 recognised paths to the summit, some undemanding and some extremely difficult.

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