maandag 18 mei 2009

Armenian Church, Singapore

Armenian Church is one of the greatest attractions in Singapore and is believed to be the oldest one. Standing on the Hill Street it reflects the fine style of colonial architecture. By taking the Hill Street direction from the City Hall MRT Station one can reach this place of interest. George Coleman is the main architect of this church. It is said that the Armenian Church was made in the honor of St Gregory, a well-known monk of 4th century. This old church of Singapore is also referred as a national monument. Basically the Armenian Apostolic Church consists of a dome-shaped roof.

It is also said that this church is the first building to have the electricity connection. Till now one can come across several well-maintained gravestones on the church grounds including the Sarkies brothers and Agnes Joaquim. In the year 1995 this great monument won the URA Architectural Heritage Award.

In the true sense, this church reflects the excellent cultural reserve of Singapore and thus attracts the people from across the world. The Armenian Orthodox Church is indeed one of the greatest work of art and also the pride of the residents of Singapore. So don't miss out to visit this place while you are taking a trip around Singapore.

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