dinsdag 7 september 2010

Day 4 - Paris

Our fourth day in France started out with a light drizzle coming down on us on our way to the station. We checked in (First Class) and were surprised that First Class was really not so different from Second Class (except that the tickets cost twice as much). Sure you have a bit more room, but that's it. Luggage space is the same as in Second Class. Apparently there are different kinds of First Class. Seats inside a cubicle for example (like the old 'coaches') but also seats in a row (like an airplane).

The train trip was uneventful, and after less than 3 hours we arrived in rainy Paris. We went to our hostel, the futuristic-looking St Christophers and Belushis Paris, located on the Bancs of the Quai de la Seine. Check-in was only at 4pm so we spend some time checking out the hostel (hot food was unfortunately no longer available) and afterwards went into our room. The rooms and dormitories are all named after famous Parisian places, and our comfy room was called "Palais Royal".

It had stopped raining by the time we left our hostel, and we went to Centre Pompidou to show our daughter the Stravinsky fountain by Niki de Saint Phale. It's a great place to go with kids.

Next stop was the Notre Dame, and we just managed to get in at 6.45pm when they were closing the gates.

In the evening we decided to grab something to eat at the (in)famous Quartier Latin near Saint-Michel. Lots of tourists there, and offers you can't refuse. At least not until you see the small portions you get on your plate. The best way to find the right place is to look where locals are sitting, and to check what is on their plate. It is also helpful if you ask about VAT and any hidden taxes (like pay extra for music!)

We tried an Indian restaurant who gave us a menu that was normally only served for lunch, upgraded our desert to Kulfi and threw in a glas of wine for free. A good choice.

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