maandag 15 november 2010

Things to See and Do in Tournai

Tournai (Doornik in Dutch) is one of the oldest cities in Belgium.


1. The Belfry of Tournai - is the oldest belfry in Belgium. The tower has 44 bells en was erected in the 11th century. The tolling of its bells can be heard throughout the city.

2. Musee du Folklore (Folklore Museum) - a very nice and interesting museum with lots of variety.

3. Cathedrale Notre-Dame - the most famous landmark of Tournai with its 5 towers (4 without bells, which explains the play-on-words in French : "5 Tours, 4 sans cloches"). Be advised that there are major works going on, and that half the cathedral cannot be visited

4. Museum of History and Archaeology (Musee d'Histoire et d'Archeologie) - depicts the history of this once great city

5. Musee de la Tapisserie (Tapestry Museum) - Tournai was famous for its tapestries, which can be viewed in this speciality museum

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