donderdag 24 juni 2010

Close Shave for Germany

The game between Germany and Ghana was a real thriller. Maybe not the most beautiful game, but the excitement, drama and atmosphere was first class. Both teams knew what they had to do (Germany win, Ghana draw) but also the result of the Australia - Serbia game would prove influential.

Cacau is no Klose, and if it weren't for Lahm the result might have been quite different. But in the end both countries went through to the next round, because Serbia failed to do what everybody thought they would do : get a point against Australia.

And now we have Germany - England. A dream game. One of the big World Cup favourites, up there like Argentina - England, Netherlands - Italy or Brazil - Argentina. We are looking forward to this clash. Like Gary Lineker used to say : Football is a game of 90 minutes, with 22 men running after a ball, and in the end the Germans win. :)

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